1ST PLAYER was founded in the city of Guangzhou, china in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a unique and ultimate experience for gamers worldwide,1ST PLAYER designs and markets premium gaming peripherals for personal computer, including power supply 

The philosophy of 1ST PLAYER are


1ST player is young but with great courage and passion, he would never bow to any authority or tradition, instead, 1ST PLAYER will continue to provide innovative products to the extreme gamer with his unique design ability.

Destroy! Rebuild! With 1ST PLAYER!

The Soliloquy of 1ST PLAYER Designer
Rainstorm, Mid-night, Guangzhou May 23 2013

Tell me what will exciting you ,tell me what are you dreaming for
No copy, No bug, No NG
Give me time , give me try , give me final judge
Let me work over night ,let me play at daytime
I will destroy and I will rebuild
Amazing will happen
No praise to me
I will embrace the cheers all around